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  • DJ Stereotip @ Pioneer DJ TV Moscow | 19-06-19

  • Mixed Emotions #262

    Honeyfeet - Meet Me On The Corner (Crazy P Vocal Remix) Adesse Versions - Quem Nao Quer Wavetest - Hanstraum (Love Mix) Low Flung - Constant Structure Apparel Wax 004 - A2 Addison Groove - F1nk Nelson Of The East - Night Frames Deoke - Saskwatch Version Paul Cut - Seaside (Club Mix) Honey Sweet Feat. Cindy Mizelle - I Put A Spell On You Henry Wu & Earl Jeffers…
  • Mixed Emotions #258

    Jesse Futerman - Vista Maribou State - Turnmills (Club Mix) Christophe Salin - Can You Pay My Bills Ilo - Everybody Felipe Gordon - Fighting Momios With Acid And Jazz Unknown - VWV 002 Inkswel - Edible Pyramid Mutable02 - A2 Nebraska - The Guitar Ron Trent - Jazz It Up Sean McCabe & Nathan Adams - I Wonder (Sean's Nostalgic Dub) ПОДПИСАТЬСЯ НА ПОДКАСТ
  • Mixed Emotions #254


  • Mixed Emotions #252

    Elements Of Life - Into My Life (Unreleased Original Downtempo) Waxwood - Kama (Fuga Ronto Remix) Sven Atterton - Prime Time Tornado Wallace - Thinking Allowed (Pharaoahs Remix) Gereardo Frisina - Olympia (Part II) Pools - Clorine Cologne Neko Neko - Trouble In The Streets Cody Currie - Asteroid Belt Lovers - Fool Moon Benedek - Ease Out Bluemoon Productions - E Chicago Damn - The Truth Natasha Kitty Katt…
  • Mixed Emotions #246

    Amazon Club - Save Our Paradise Metro Area - Caught Up Bocca Grande - Below My Hands (Roy Davis Jr. Remix) Turbojazz - Atmos Georgi Barrel - Rhyme Goes On (Karem Akdag Remix) Krystal Klear - Squad Part II Midnight Tenderness - Terme Christophe Salin - Paradise Tell - Camel Ride Jacy - Trax Kaffe Creme - Jessica Penrose ПОДПИСАТЬСЯ НА ПОДКАСТ
  • Mixed Emotions #236

    Hanna - Knowing Mpumi - Khumbule Mytron & Ofofo - Cumbala Hill Chalet Nenad Markovich - Grace Nicholas - Dahlia Laurence Guy - Belong Urulu - Romance Track Osunlade - Give Thanks Chromatics - Shadow (Kettenkarusell Remix) Jacob Korn - My Business Nature Boy - Euro Disney (Unreleased Mix) Needs - Walkin' Thru Circles (Thump Mix) ПОДПИСАТЬСЯ НА ПОДКАСТ
  • Mixed Emotions #231

    Tomas Station - Descendientes Del Ritmo [Dailysession Records] Hot Toddy - Love Music [House Of Disco] Sorcerer - Mango Messanger [Dreamtime] Metro Area - Miura [Environ] Eastern Edits Vol. 1 - Clock (Jimmy Rouge Edit) [Orange Tree Edits] Henry Wu & Earl Jeffers - Hi Life [MCDE] Nicholas - Resolution (Feat. Paul Cut) [Church] Books - Passage Of Time [XVI records] K15 - Sunbeams [Eglo] MLiR - Swedish Lo-Life [Studio…
  • Mixed Emotions #230

    Dane - Dance To Forget [Common Edit] Dele Sosimi - E Go Betta (O'Flynn Re-Edit) [Wah Wah 45s] Folamour - Oyabun [Moonrise Hill Material] Modern Manners - Running With Me [Modern Manners] Manzanem - Don't Interupt [PPU] Nu Guinea - Howls [Early Sounds Recordings] Turbojazz - Nebulosa [GAMM] Rey De Copas - Frontera Del Ensueno [NY Underground] Four Walls - Hello Underground [Apparel Music] Christian Rich - Tender Love [Good…
  • Mixed Emotions #229

    Mama - Unmask Me (Ashley Beadle's Vocal Mix) [Batty Bass] Roberto - Oceanic [Good Timin'] Sounderson - Can't Get Enough (Part 1) [Paper Recordings] Tee Mango - Don't Worry Everything's Gooing To Be Alright [Local Talk] Bluemoon Productions - E  [Code Blue Records] Jacques Renault - Words (Tom Noble Remix) [Let's Play House] Laurence Guy - I Saw You For The Forst Time [Church] Pontchartrain - Be Free (Just Alexander…