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Mixed Emotions #197

Posted on 29 Июн 2017 in Микс, Музыка, Радиошоу | 0 comments

Benedek & Noble — Airwayz (Garage Mix) [Superior Elevation Records] DJ Nature — What It Isn’t [Futureboogie Recordings] Rick Wade — Cruising Attitude [Harmonie Park] Payfone — Paradise [Golf Channel Recordings] Matt Saint Will — Weird Love [Banoffee Pies] Tell — Vamos A La Playa [Quartet Series] Dorsi Plantar — You’re Solid As Fuck [Better […]

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Mixed Emotions #185

Posted on 05 Апр 2017 in Podcast, Микс, Музыка, Радиошоу | 0 comments

Son Of Sound — Kool Kontrol [District 30] Mark Farina — Cali Spaces (Papp’s Lazy Daze Mix) [OM Records] Indian Ropeman Featuring Shahin Badar ‎– 66 Meters (Full Version) [Skint] Indian Ropeman ‎– Dog In The Piano (Dirty Edit) [Skint] Chaos In The CBD ‎– Accidental Meetings [In Dust We Trust] Chord Memory Band ‎– Third Eye […]

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Mixed Emotions #181

Posted on 09 Мар 2017 in Podcast, Микс, Музыка, Радиошоу | 0 comments

Folamour — Just A Lonely Night Eating Sushis [Noire et Blanche] S&W — Cashmere Green [Dub Disco] Lovebirds — Running Backwards [Teardrop Music] Jimpster Feat. Capitol A — Left & Right (Ron Basejam Remix) [Freerange] riggles — Slick Like Oil [Ken Oath Records] Hot Toddy — Delta Blues [Winding Road Records] Terrence Parker — Your […]

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Mixed Emotions #162

Posted on 19 Окт 2016 in Podcast, Музыка, Радиошоу | 0 comments

Eddie C — Rising [Kolour LTD] The Gene Dudley Group — Do The Cookie Dough Throw (Lay-Far Remix) [WahWah45] The Popular People’s Front ‎– Keep Fighting [Sleazy Beats Black Ops] Kaidi Tatham ‎– The Extrovert City [2000 Black] Glenn Underground — Out With The Old [Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic] Paolo Rocha — Takedown [Black Vinyl Records] Gwen […]

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DJ Stereotip Live @ GStudio, Moscow

Posted on 22 мая 2016 in Видео, Музыка | 0 comments

В прошедшую пятницу, 20 мая, с огромным удовольствием поиграл любимые пластинки в уютном пространстве Для тех кто любит не только слушать, но и смотреть — доступна видеозапись моего сета. Приятного прослушивания и просмотра!

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